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Wednesday, Jun 29 2011

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A blueberry! Its been a sesame seed and a lima bean. Now its a blueberry. :love:

Week 7 - I have definitely felt nauseous the last three days. It peaks when I have an empty stomach. So far it hasn't been debilitating, although definitely not fun. I hope its done in the next 4 weeks. Am pretty sure I don't have it in me to deal the way Callie did with a full pregnancy of throwing up.

I already need new clothes - I don't 'show' but I just can't fit into my normal pants. I can't quite decide if I'm upset by that or not. I worry that its not the baby, that its just weight gain - I'd be fine with the first and not fine with the other. Either way, I know that you end up feeling big a lot longer than you actually are big. My lower back is sore. I know you show much earlier with each pregnancy and 'online' tells me that many women had to go into maternity clothes as early as 6 weeks with their 3rd.

I remember from the last two that I quit working out during the sickness and then tried to get back into it once the sickness had passed but wasn't as diligent as I should have been. I do want to remain active with this one because I think it will help my back and help minimize weight gain.

I'm also scared of gestational diabetes - given how close I was with Ellen and my recent blood work, its a real possibility. I am watching what I eat but I am by no means completely diligent. Its hard to find the motivation to be mindful when you are just focused on keeping the nausea at bay.

I can't wait to feel this one - I loved that feeling and connection in utero with Will and Ellen. I can't wait to meet my little chotchke, even though its months and months away and the pregnancy is still very young. I take comfort in the sickness - even though it is probably a myth, the sicker the better (within reason) for me. How can something just feel SO right even though it wasn't in the plans?

I wouldn't say I'm emotional in a bad way - but very susceptible to tears and to being moved by stories or ideas or other people's pain and joy.

I also can't wait to tell Will and Ellen. Will is going to take this and run. He'll be so fascinated by the whole process. He is the most inquisitive / investigative person I know. And he thinks pregnancy in generally is fascinating. Not that he uses those words but he talks about it pretty often. I get the sense he has accepted that only 'girls' have babies but thinks its bum rap for boys. :laugh5:

On a sad note, my cat ran away. Tibby is (was?) 10 years old and had never been out of the house. Ellen left the downstairs screen open one evening this weekend and Tibby got out. We haven't been able to find him and he hasn't come home. Will, Ellen, and I gave out flyers and have looked all around our neighborhood. I never took Tibby's front claws out because of this exact fear - what if he got out and couldn't defend himself? So, I know he can defend himself but he has no practice hunting and it just breaks my heart to think of him going hungry and being confused about where to go. I've felt sort of numb and dry about it which disturbs me. This is my kitty that loved me more than anyone on earth. Seriously. Both my cats thought I was the reason for the dawning of the day. I can live with the idea of Tibby in a new home if someone took him in - he is a very affectionate cat and would win any decent person's heart, but it makes me sick to think of him hungry or at the mercy of an evil person or a predator. Sick. Poor kitty. :cross3:

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6 years ago

I would think a lima bean would be bigger than a blueberry! Maybe I am thinking of butter beans. Anyway, congratulations on what I'm sure is the cutest little blueberry ever.

So sorry about Tibby. Did he have a collar and tag? If not, because he hasn't returned, I would assume someone took him in. Even if that's being an ostrich, I would still assume it because it would make me feel better.




6 years ago

Hope Tibby returns or has returned. My heart would be stomped flat if anything happened to either of our two. Keeping my fingers crossed for Tibby.

by JAY



6 years ago

Wow - hadn't check in for a while - exciting news - sounds like it was a happy surprise. Sad about your Tibby - I had a similar experience years ago - still sad to think about. Will hope that he's safe wherever he may be.




6 years ago

Ah geez. I went from :rock1: to :cry2: in one full swoop.
So excited about the baby and looking forward to Will's reaction. :inlove1:
So sad about Tibby. :sad3: Fingers crossed someone is taking care of him.
Love you g/f :kiss:




6 years ago

I've heard from many friends that you pop a little earlier every time. Sounds like it's true! I hear you about eating whatever you need to eat to stave off the sickness. Bleh. Hope that passes soon. Can't wait to hear what Will and Ellen have to say about the big news!

So sorry to hear about Tibby. I'm thinking good thoughts for her safety. :kiss:




6 years ago

whoooooooa!!!!! congratulations!! Love this. How long has your cat been gone?

by NMA5632



6 years ago

LOL, when I sent that message I don't think for a moment I expected such exciting news. Congrats to you and the family, I am soooooo happy for all of you. Praying for an easy pregnancy with all the blessing trimmings. I am sure the kitty will find its way home but if not, positive thoughts only.