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Sunday, Jan 8 2012

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I would like to try to eat better through the end January. And beyond, but let's just start with January. I know what to do, and need just do it. I need to keep it top of mind, because I tend to slip when I don't plan and focus.

I was doing well at drinking water at work the past few weeks, and will plan to continue that. It seems to help how I feel overall.

I'm not sure if this is the cause, but my body has been a bit, well, off, since my miscarriage. I seem to retain water more than I did before, and my period is very strange - although its arrival is regular, I spot on and off for a week or more which is very atypical compared to before the miscarriage.

My LSAT score came in. And, although I did perfectly fine for my purposes, I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, and not even as well as I'd felt I'd done afterwards. It was discouraging. I let myself feel badly about it for a while, and hopefully I can now move on. Others who I admire had similar discouraged feelings post-LSAT score, and still got in where they wanted to and got scholarships, so that helps. Its just a bit of a blow to my pride.

I need to put the kids to bed.

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6 years ago

Don't know what a Leann Chin is. Is it someplace one can grow a double chin? :evil:

by JAY



6 years ago

We can all love you no-end (which we do), and give you every word of comfort and encouragement there is (which we will), but as my sr min often reminds us - in pastoral care, in work, in personal life - "Feelings are facts." You feel how you feel now (and anyone who tells you 'Aw, don't feel that way' can shut it), and when your brain/heart is ready, you'll move on, and you'll be ready to grasp and weave the next thread of the endless tapestry of opportunities life lays before you. I know this about life, and about you. :love:

by REV



6 years ago

It took awhile for things to get back to normal for me, too, but ask your doc about the spotting. It may be a result of the d&c.

Yay for getting the score you needed. I agree with Jay's sentiment that you don't get a bonus for extra points.




6 years ago

Nonsense! If you got the score you need for your purposes you'd did fine. Like someone pointed out to me on my professional exam (that's past due but that's another story), you don't get a bonus for scoring higher.

And yeah, if my body would stop this water retention thing I'd be a whole lot happier. I've been sucking up water again like a sponge and feel it in my joints. Ugh.

by JAY



6 years ago

:kiss: I hope you get past the discouraged feelings and replace that will pride in a job well done. You have a lot on your plate with everyday life so to fit that in and do well is a huge accomplishment. Something to be proud of, for sure! :heart2: U!!!

by AMYC18