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Tuesday, Mar 6 2012

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Presented to 75 people plus the new CEO today. If anxiety :barf3: counts for anything, I for sure earned my paycheck today. Fortunately no one asked any questions. Either I was very clear, or my subject was deadly boring, or people knew it would be cruel to torment me further. :laugh5:

I also swam this morning for 45 minutes at the gym we are trying out. It was really nice. And both harder and easier than I expected. I haven't done laps in a hundred years. I'm going to a period of insomnia which is nice for getting up early.

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6 years ago

I bet there were no questions because the topic was well-presented with stunning clarity! :kiss: I'm sorry it was stressful. That IS daunting!




6 years ago

I think Carly Simon sang a song called "Procrasturbation". :) To me the term means "to waste time jerking off with fake productivity". I think I may have stolen that phrase from someone else though as I haven't had an original funny thought in over a decade. :D

by JAY