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Sunday, May 6 2012

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Am dealing with the mood swings of my period as well as a strange chest cold. I was REALLY out of it when I got home from my trip - it was as if I was starting a brand new job. I think, in retrospect, it was the beginning of my cold/period causing that total disorientation. It was very disconcerting, though. I seriously wondered if the PDG marguaritas, the buttery nipples, the fruity wine, and the DVs had finally fried my remaining brain cells.

Speaking of, I had a wonderful time with some great women. I laughed so hard that my stomach ached. Its really amazing that we can pick up so easily - in many ways, these women are closer to me than most people in my day-to-day life. I feel very lucky.

Finishing a really nice weekend in some regards - worked from home on Friday to accomodate my annual dr's appt. No cysts, but she is ordering some blood work to see what my hormones are doing. She attributed my belly bloat to age, baring anything showing up in the blood work. Very depressing. She said she wouldn't like to see me weigh any more than I do now. No sh!t. She was polite and professional about it though, so I don't fault her. Just not exactly uplifting. In fact, she said to eat as if I'm diabetic.

For the first time in about 100 years, Steve and I stayed up on Saturday night after the kids went down, in front of a nice fire with wine/beer and a comedy show. Lots of talk and laughter and some tears, too. It was really, really, really nice. The comedian was Josh Blue who was born in Cameroun (where I lived for 5 years as a child) - it was fun. We even, gasp, talked about combining a work trip for me with a trip to Disney with the kids. We are definitely doing MUCH more together as a family and its working very well. I'm VERY thankful for this.

We had someone come give us a quote on a new driveway (we have a pretty big circle driveway which was one of the many things I loved about this house) - made with stone bricks, so it should be lovely although VERY expensive. We got a nice tax return and a very generous bonus. Between those things, we can afford the driveway. Still, its a little disconcerting to spend so much on something - now that I think about it, it'll be more than our last car and more than our boat. Yikes. But, we need it and it has a lifetime warranty, so I don't worry about whether its a wise investment. It is.

Steve and I got the dock in by ourselves, and Steve and the neighbors got the boat in, all with minimal trouble. It'll be nice to have the boat for evening/weekend rides as the weather gets warmer and warmer.

The down part of the weekend was feeling restless (it is getting chronic with me), and worried about school in the fall. And my cold. And some thunder/lightening overnight which I am scared of, but can't relax enough to sleep through. And reflecting on my weight/health. I need to work on my cholesterol. The blood work mentioned above needs to be done on day 2 or 3 of my period, so I'll try to combine it all with a lipid panel and a A1C (?), too. That gives me about 4 weeks to get on track. As painful as it will be, I will fast for the full 12 hours before hand to make sure that its as accurate as possible.

I can do it - I just need to focus on it. Steven is watching his weight, which is nice because it is motivating to me.

I actually made a pretty yummy pork tenderloin stew in the slow cooker with potato, carrots, and green beans. I really like cooking on the weekends. It helps with that feeling of restlessness that I get. Especially when Will or Ellen is in or near the kitchen with me.

Ellie has dress rehearsal this week and her recital/performance this weekend (twice!). So, it will be busy. Will has t-ball on Tuesday and Thursday.

Steve is going to a friend's cabin the weekend after next, so I'll have the house to myself a bit (after the kids are down) which I always enjoy.

My new employee starts (finally) tomorrow - I hope that it goes well. I kinda feel guilty about my job. Its SO NOT painful and so, well, reasonable, that I feel like I shouldn't make what I make. The person I'm hiring is essentially another me - so I'll be very lucky to have a high-skills person that I can direct/collaborate with. I feel guilty - is that ridiculous? I suppose its just that I almost expect it to fall out from under me. I don't think it will - but its hard not to worry sometimes. There are people who love their jobs and are well paid for them. It just feels strange to be one of them...

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5 years ago

I don't know many but our former parish priest is a Jesuit and I miss him dearly. He went home to Philadelphia 3 years ago and the two priests we've had since pale in comparison. They're nice enough and well meaning but very different. Not my cup of tea.

by JAY



5 years ago

Osama likes to let Hallmark do his heavy lifting for him. :laugh5:




5 years ago

It's funny, in my mind's eye I'm 170 pounds, always. Then I step in front of a mirror or see a picture (especially when I was at public bus size) and would go "whoa..." I titled a confirmation picture from 2004 "Moby takes first communion" because of the white robe. Now I've got a third image where I notice how much I've lost, which makes me very happy, but still that 170 pounds mind's eye picture persists. Weird how that works (or doesn't).

by JAY



5 years ago

You deserve every dime, Lynnie. I am so happy that you are flourishing in this job and have supportive peers and a great boss. :kiss: If you have several thousand of those bricks fall off the back of the truck, can I have 'em? BTW, it's a DB, not a DV. Get your terminology correct. :laugh5:




5 years ago

Sorry to hear about the cold. Hope you're feeling much better now. Any pics of Ellie's dance recital? Bet she was adorable.

Good luck getting your new employee settled in. I'm glad you have more help. I hear you about wondering whether you should be paid what you're paid. This job is less demanding in many ways than my last one, but I'm paid more. Go figure. I guess it's partly that I don't have difficult personalities to manage in this job, which is what made the other job seem more demanding. totally deserve to be well-paid!




5 years ago

Your weekend sounds nice overall, aside from the restlessness and worrying parts. Maybe your restlessness is what made you sign up for law school!

I bet Ellie's dance recitals are super-cute. I used to go to my nieces' recitals when they were small, and the littlest girls used to make me get tears in my eyes just from their sheer adorableness.

Hope things are going well with the new employee.




5 years ago

No sh!t
Yeah, that's my reaction a lot too. :)

Thanks, I did go for a 5k run today. No, it didn't really help but I still enjoyed it. :kiss: Tomorrow I'll go for a bike ride. With luck I'll find another couple making out in a car. Highlight of my day, that will be.

Given what I went through with PJ (cancer) and Sydney (kidney disease) if helping Dion lose a bit of weight and keep it off makes his older years better, I'm all for it. Besides even I learned that I wish I'd take better care of myself when I was Dion's age (in converted cat to people years he's 25). :)

by JAY



5 years ago

Sounds like a lot of wonderful things going on in your life - I am going to see my GF's in a few of months at Disney World and I gotta tell ya, I love my hb but my GF, well there's nothing like hanging out with your GURLS! You can do anything you put your mind to Ms. Lynn and just like you make being a wife and mom work for you and your entire family, so will you make school and all of the other demands work in your life. ((((((HUGS)))))))