LYNNABEL's Jun 2012 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, June 25th 2012

I have lots of thoughts swirling. I'll try to make some time soon to capture them. The fact of my mental life right now are:

-my weight isn't budging. I had lost up to 2.4 lbs, but then this morning I was back up to ABOVE my starting weight.
- my work world is rocked. There have been some very positive conversations about my future. I have take much comfort in those talks. However, it still remains that now and for the foreseeable future my work world is in turmoil.
- I'm starting to br...

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Tuesday, June 19th 2012

Oh, dear - major change at work. Major. A change in who I report to. NOT something I would have chosen. I'm part way towards being freaked out. Even if it ends up being okay - which is a big if - this is not something I want to be going through when starting law school. Okay, now I'm most of the way towards freaking out. :cross3: :cross3: :cross3:...

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Wednesday, June 13th 2012

Drumroll.....wait for it.....a whopping 1.6lbs lost in 16 days. :laugh5:

Still, I'll take it. And its interesting to me that I have actually been averaging closer to 1300 cals/day than 1200 which is so much less painful for me than 1200. So, I have to accept that this likely translates to slower loss. Fine. Whatever. If I could just remember this hard work when I'm in maintenance - I HAVE to change how I try to maintain because what I've tried so far hasn't worked. I HAVE TO. Granted, I'm talking...

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Wednesday, June 6th 2012

I am carrying a knot/ball/weight of anxiety in my chest.

I'm guessing these are the reasons:
-meeting with CEO this morning
-organizational changes
-Will's fallen arches
-Ellie was sick yesterday
-S has been grumpy
-I jumped up (yes -up! after 9 days of good eating) 1.2 lbs this morning for no apparent reason
-just can't concentrate on anything

Monday, June 4th 2012

Logging is a b!tch. I tracked this weekend, which is the good news. The bad news is that I just couldn't keep myself at 1200. Net I was close, but not gross. This is better than a 2-day free for all, and I had several moments of deciding to stop eating when I normally would've kept going. So - I felt virtuous even thought the numbers don't indicate it.

Still only at .2 lb loss for 7 days. But - I FEEL good, which is important, too. I think weighing everyday helps the slow progress feel less...

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