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Wednesday, Jun 13 2012

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Drumroll.....wait for it.....a whopping 1.6lbs lost in 16 days. :laugh5:

Still, I'll take it. And its interesting to me that I have actually been averaging closer to 1300 cals/day than 1200 which is so much less painful for me than 1200. So, I have to accept that this likely translates to slower loss. Fine. Whatever. If I could just remember this hard work when I'm in maintenance - I HAVE to change how I try to maintain because what I've tried so far hasn't worked. I HAVE TO. Granted, I'm talking about 5-9 lbs, and not 50, that I keep having to re-lose, but if it makes me unhappy enough to want to lose it once regained, then I need to be able to maintain in order to break this cycle. HARUMPH. So...what's the secret, friends??

I am also doing much better on weekends so far - I've decided to focus more on 'net' on the weekends, and just doing that has probably decreased my weekend day intake by at least 500 calories. I actually don't think the net concept works for me overall, but I'll use if it gets me closer to where I need to be on the weekends.

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5 years ago

You rock, woman. :rock1: I think maintenance is far more difficult than being in actual weight-loss mode. It's all a tightwire, isn't it? I loved your FB post about the deer and blue heron. I pictured you on your bike with a lovely smile on your lovely face. :kiss:




5 years ago

You are as attuned to your own body and what works for it/you as anyone I know. I'm glad for your progress, and for the encouragement it gives you, even if it's incremental and less-than-fast. It IS still progress. And you ARE still fabulous. :love:

by REV