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Monday, Jun 25 2012

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I have lots of thoughts swirling. I'll try to make some time soon to capture them. The fact of my mental life right now are:

-my weight isn't budging. I had lost up to 2.4 lbs, but then this morning I was back up to ABOVE my starting weight.
- my work world is rocked. There have been some very positive conversations about my future. I have take much comfort in those talks. However, it still remains that now and for the foreseeable future my work world is in turmoil.
- I'm starting to brief ONE case for my law school orientation weekend, and its already taken me way too long and I'm not even sure I'm on the right track. Its going to be HARD.
- I went to a nice law school reception and met some nice people. My class will be about 1/3 smaller than 'normal' due to overall law school aps being down. I was hopeful of really connecting with some classmates, and it just seems like a bigger class provides more opportunity.

Will and Ellen are doing so well this summer - they are generally mellow and happy and enjoying everything. We're going camping with some friends this coming weekend and their two girls who are W and E's age, and I'm really looking forward to it. W and E did a sports camp this last week and learned to ice skate!! They both did really well. Will had a panic attack on the first day, but within an hour was just fine.

Many things are good, but I have a hard time remembering this sometimes.

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5 years ago

Love you Lynnie :kiss:




5 years ago

Remember when you were 19 and could lose 5 pounds just by giving up beer for a week? At least that was me. Now, it's just SO HARD. Of course, if we throw our hands up in the air, it only makes it worse. So bad behavior = punishment and good behavior = nothing. So so so not fair. I'm glad that the many things that are good are very, very good indeed. :kiss: