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Saturday, Aug 11 2012

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Holy law school batman.

Done with my first Saturday of real classes. Both interesting, exhausting, and a little nerve-wracking, although when I was called on ala Socratic method in Contracts, I did okay (at least I didn't feel nervous). Hard to believe my grades will come down to 1 single 3-hour exam at the end of each class.

I ended up studying about 18 hours between last Sunday night and Friday night. I expect that will be on the low end, although now I know better how to focus my readings/note taking. I'm a fast reader. I don't necessary retain the way I want to, but I am a fast reader.

Yes, I missed the kids. Yes, this is hard. But, I feel grateful for the opportunity and hope to keep my eye on the big picture, which is a) this is a means and b) keep my scholarship c) my kids and work and hubby have to come first. Its hard to operationalize that last one. Need to figure out how to spend meaningful time with the kids with what little time I have. I can tell Ellie is loosening her grip on me already :cry2: .

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5 years ago

I hope things are working out with the work-family-school triangle.

Very little of my kids' stuff ends up donated. They are slow to grow out of their clothes because they are skinny, plus they're also very hard on their clothes, and I hate taking stained & beat up stuff to the Rescue Mission.

I think I'll be ruthless when it comes to the tapes and just suck it up if RPS has a cow. It's not as though he has watched a single movie from the shelf in at least 6 years, however he is not the clueless sit-com hubby who wouldn't notice. :laugh5:




5 years ago

I also love Stace's idea.... You & S are great parents & I am confident that you will make it all work. xoxo!




5 years ago

I like Stace's idea. Finding that one special thing you can do with them on a regular basis will not only make you feel better but it will end up being "that thing" they always did with Mom. :love: They'll always remember that.
I would vote against study time, though. I thought it would be cool to do homework with Jordan (and he thought so too) but I found myself being more interested in what he was working on, or we'd get to chatting about something, or we'd play with the cat..... :laugh5: It ended up taking us like 5 hrs to get our homework done.
So proud of you!! :kiss:

by AMYC18



5 years ago

best I can think of is to find something that is yours and keep it consistent: bath time, or story time, a neighborhood walk each night, maybe a picnic or favorite breakfast/lunch every Sunday. if you can carve that out and make it a priority, your kids are old enough that I think they'd get it.

maybe you could also figure out study time together. not sure what their tolerance would be for that, or yours, but an hour a week where they get to feel like they're part of your "important mommy school" where you can read and they can color, do puzzles, or something else quiet, all in the same room, could feel pretty nice.




5 years ago

:love: & :kiss: 's




5 years ago

I've lost my grip years ago! :cross2::rolling1:

Once you get in a groove you'll be surprised at how you can focus your time to be meaningful. I remember from grad school that it was never easy and yet it still all got done. Go Lynnie!

by JAY



5 years ago

You're just awesome is what you are, Kiddo. :kiss: