LYNNABEL's Dec 2012 CalorieKing Blog

Saturday, December 29th 2012

I am in an anxious funk that I expected to pass much quicker than it has. A number of things seem to be intersecting in such a way as to make me feel both down and anxious/panicky. I'm going to write through them to see if it helps bring any clarity.

Weight - after feeling fairly thin for part of the semester, my weigh has jumped up about 10 pounds. I didn't eat awfully during the fall semester, but I stopped exercising about a month before finals. I am a pretty consistent, if pretty modera...

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Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Thank you, Tori and Jennie, for thinking of me! Saturday's criminal law exam was AWFUL, Sunday's contracts exam was fine, and I 'just' have civil procedure left this Saturday. The end is in sight!