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Friday, Jan 4 2013

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OMG. Weighed myself this morning. Heaver than I have been in YEARS. Since Ellen was born. CRAP. I'm going to Haiti at the end of March - I normally don't do event-based weight loss but this requires drastic action. The weird thing is that technically none of my clothes should fit me, but most do. Maybe I'm carrying the weight differently. Xmas pictures were scary.

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5 years ago

I should've said "she often manufactures her own stress". :laugh5: The problem with should in those situations is that it presumes an amount of control that isn't there and/or it assumes that someone else's priorities and motivations are the same as ours. They seldom are and that's neither bad or good, it just is.

by JAY



5 years ago

Yeah, I'm creeping up the scale. :( But the holidays are over so the "OMG Christmas treats" thing is behind me. Literally. :laugh5:

I know you'll lose it again because you've done it before.

by JAY



5 years ago

forgive yourself and move on :) I've been doing a lot of that. You can do this! Hooray for a fresh start in the New Year.