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Sunday, Jan 6 2013

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Having a great weekend. I surprised the kids with a slumber party in the living room and a movie last night. The slumber party consisted of me, Will, and Ellen, sleeping on top of 5 thick blankets, and under 5 thick blankets. Ellie and I slept well, Will didn't but he still loved it. S is recovering from the most manly of endeavors - a vasectomy (and truly, no sarcasm - if I've learned anything about men, its that it takes some serious guts to allow anyone to do anything with a knife near the P). I'm very appreciative of this - I announced during the summer from hell that I was no longer doing any kind of birth control myself - after years and years of bearing the burden and the heartbreaking failure of said birth control, I was done. Done. And he has been in charge of it since then. The method was up to him. You can see what he was driven to chose. :laugh5:

Well, am about 4 days into tracking calories, and it isn't very pretty, but its a start. This is my last weekend home for while (school starts up again next weekend) so it should be easier to control my appetite, although the flip side is I'm sitting instead of moving around the house or yard. Also got my period, so hopefully there are a few lbs of water weight that will drop when its done. I've noticed my fingers being puffy, which isn't common for me.

With school starting, so does my very.proscribed.schedule. I am hoping this semester is less intense stress/emotion-wise, if for no other reason that the newness of the experience is over. Drudgery I can deal with - rollercoasters of emotion, not so much. I also have Haiti to look forward to. I'm always in a better place mentally when I have me-travel to look forward to.

Okay, off to corral the kids into a walk while its still light out.

Love to the loved.

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5 years ago

:inlove1: Slumber Party :inlove1:
:thumbu2: to Steve.




5 years ago

Yay for S taking the, um, bull by the horns. So nice that you two no longer have to worry about that -- it will make a big difference, believe me. I love your sleepover! SO FUN, MOMMY! :love:




5 years ago

it's hard to get into a groove but it gets easier as the days go by. Haiti sounds amazing, so jealous. And the slumber party = adorable.




5 years ago

Sharp things near tab P are a definite no-no. I feel for S, almost literally.

by JAY