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Saturday, Jan 26 2013

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I did NOT see that cold coming. Its been YEARS since I've been literally felled by a cold. Felled, I tell you. I felt a little weird Thursday at work and decided to go home, mostly because, well, I didn't really want to work anyway. As I drove home, I felt drunker and drunker, and then I got home, and the cold-bus drove This is the first I've come up for air except for having spent HOURS (at least 8?) on a stupid draft residential lease contract and client letter for a school assignment. Hours. While sick. Someone please feel sorry for me. And? There's nothing like to going to law school to make you realize you are handling your personal life in all the wrong ways. Steve and I are landlords and our leases DO. NOT. PASS. LEGAL. MUSTER. I had to miss classes today - my first. And now? I'm on my second gigantic glass of wine, for no reason other than I'm a rebel. Yep. A rebel. A sick, red-nosed rebel.

Had a wonderful session with my new tutor on Wed. - she really made me laugh because she was as candid as I am given the right circumstances about law school.

Work is insane. Anyone heard of these healthcare exchanges? Well, they are ruining my life. :) I love Obama but his healthcare reform is making my work-life complicated. :cross2:

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5 years ago

Sorry to hear you were hit by the cold bus. Ugh. Nothing like a little something extra to complicate things, huh? Hope you are feeling well soon.

Sometimes drinking a second gigantic glass of wine is the only thing to do. =D




5 years ago

I feel sorry for you! Feel better soon!

YES on the law school comment. We signed a lease here in NY that is like six kinds of illegal! :laugh5: Also my dad had me look at his will and it is so wrong I don't know how to even.... anyway.




5 years ago

:hugs: Hope the cold passes without further adieu, Boo Boo! I sometimes think that colds are natures way of reminding us to take care of ourselves since we only seem to get them at inopportune times (like when we're crszy busy).

by JAY