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Saturday, Sep 14 2013

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My secret? I love travel for work. I love travel period, but I love traveling for work. Frequent flier miles for free, seeing new places, and a hotel room all. to. myself.

I'm going to Houston on Monday the 23rd through that Friday. It'll be intense, but I'm looking forward to it. My only question is - how to avoid checking luggage when I need to bring my law school books? I think the answer is that I can't avoid it unless I want to wear the same thing for 4 days.

Finally saw a loss on the scale. TYJ.

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4 years ago

Hmm. Do I need to be in Houston for some reason that week?

by REV



4 years ago

I usually just buy ebooks for my classes. There are quite a few textbooks on kindle and other places online. The convenience outweighs the drawback of not being able to write in them.




4 years ago

My secret? I love you Lynnie. :kiss: I guess that wasn't much of a secret!
I was going to suggest FedEx too but it's probably too late for that. They have those flat rate boxes which is much less than extra baggage fees, not to mention eliminating the schlep factor! Maybe you should ship them back home after. Since they still allow two items for carry on you could put your books in a backpack and your clothes and 'eyeliner' :eyebrows: in an airline approved carry-on rolly bag.
Have an excellent trip g/f.




4 years ago

You could pack them up and send them ahead to the hotel via FedEx. Saves you from having to schlep the weight.

The thing I hate about business travel is pushing/pulling/dragging luggage around. Unfortunately I don't like to wear the same stuff for 4 days either. :laugh5:

by JAY



4 years ago

I sure wish Texas was smaller sometimes. I'd swing by Houston, but it's about 14 hours from here. :(