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Wednesday, November 20th 2013

"Lynn, your staff just look so much happier than they did before you came."

So, I asked one of them, "Is it better now? Are you doing okay?"

The answer I got was, "OMG, yes. Even my husband says I'm so much nicer now."

I'll take it. It may be hard, but I'm having a positive effect in at least one area.

Friday, November 15th 2013

Oh, friends. Life is crazy. I've been staring at and revising my 150+ pages of notes on Constitutional Law for almost 8 hours today. The extra crazy part? There are TWO semesters this - we only cover judicial power, congressional power, presidential power, and a little bit of individual rights this semester. The funny thing is that I feel like I know, personally, our Supreme Court justices from reading SO MANY of their opinions. I distrust Scalia and Thomas. Thomas because of his sexual harassme...

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Monday, October 21st 2013

I want to write a blog entry but nothing is coming to my fingers. And I'm rejected the things coming to my mind. Mostly because they are whiny. When has that ever stopped me, though. :)

Had the weekend off school which means I promptly got a cold and spent yesterday and today miserable. Don't have enough PTO built up at the new job yet to justify taking the day off so I worked from home. Am dealing with boss issues (thankfully, lower case 'i' unlike uppercase 'I' at last job), which makes me...

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Saturday, October 5th 2013

Down 3.5 lbs since the beginning of school. Apparently, this time around, stress is helping instead of hurting. :laugh5:

This semester has been more like what I thought law school might give me - a chance to think about how we have decided to organize ourselves as a society: torts, constitutional law, and property. That covers a lot of things that affect virtually everyone's daily existence, whether we're aware of it or not. It is pretty fascinating....

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Saturday, September 14th 2013

My secret? I love travel for work. I love travel period, but I love traveling for work. Frequent flier miles for free, seeing new places, and a hotel room all. to. myself.

I'm going to Houston on Monday the 23rd through that Friday. It'll be intense, but I'm looking forward to it. My only question is - how to avoid checking luggage when I need to bring my law school books? I think the answer is that I can't avoid it unless I want to wear the same thing for 4 days.

Finally saw a loss on...

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