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Friday, September 11th 2015

Food (yesterday): not great. Got McDonalds on the way to evening class. Need to not do that in the future.

Exercise: (this a.m.): Today, nothing yet (working from home, slept until just before the kids got on the bus which is unusual). Yesterday, good, short, weights. I am back into my mode of “20-25 minutes is better than nothing” in order to make myself get out of bed and do it.

Sleep: (last night): Good after I fell asleep which took a while. Got home at 10:15, and it took me a whi...

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Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Food (yesterday): Good – had the planned bkfast, snack, lunch, and moderate dinner.

Exercise: (this a.m.): Again, short but good (stepper).

Sleep: (last night): Better. Not enough, but good quality. Hard time falling asleep. Woke up before alarm.

Work (today): Mixed. Had a meeting cancelled that felt disrespectful. Trying to process a weird interaction at a networking event. I wish I could shake that kind of stuff off quicker. Found out that an “engagement” survey I took put me in...

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Tuesday, September 8th 2015

I'm gonna copy Jay and Patti! And add 2 things (when I feel like it).

Calories: Don't know (not sure I want to track - I'm easing into the idea of losing weight for Stephie's wedding. I'm very wary of going there.)

Exercise: Short, but good - weights.

Sleep: Craptastic - no idea why, other than thinking about kids starting school today. Also, S must've been dreaming up a storm b/c he was twitchier than he's ever been.

Work: Decent. Calm, catch-up day.

The rest of Life: L...

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Friday, August 21st 2015

Hey CK Peeps!

Its been way too long. I read your blogs, and think about you often.

Doing fine. I just took one part of the bar - the ethic/professional responsibility piece, and we'll see if I passed. Fingers crossed. I won't finish law school until next fall, but we can take this part of the bar before then, TYJ.

Kids are great - getting so big. Will and Ellie are in my sister's wedding at Thanksgiving, as am I. Work is fine. Steve is doing all the 'mazing stuff he always does.

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Tuesday, June 30th 2015

I hate this about myself - hate it: When someone judges me (negatively), or has a less than positive opinion on how I've acted or behaved, my gut says they're right. My ingrained default is to agree with anyone and everyone's negative assessment of myself. I hate this. And I hate that I feel like this is so deeply ingrained that I can't root it out of me. I am hostage to this. And I'm exhausted from trying to fight it. I've been trying to fight it for fifteen years, trying to find a sense of se...

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