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Friday, September 9th 2016

I'm so excited to see my sister, and have never been to an all-inclusive. Seems decadent but I am not going to feel seriously guilty - its a celebration after 4 years of school. I so wish I had been able to get the weight off before going, but I am NOT going to let that affect my enjoyment one bit. There will just be major photo-editing. :)

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Thursday, September 8th 2016

I keep wanting to "blog" but then I get overwhelmed. So, I'll start small.

Done with school.
Enjoying my weekends off.
Going to Punta Cana with my sister in 2 weeks.
Last year of law school weight is coming off so insanely slowly I might have to take an arm or leg off to speed it up.
Kids started school.
Will is in soccer.
Ellie might to basketball.
We're going to get a kitty after Thanksgiving.
Work is fine.

Okay - that was a good start! ;)...

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Friday, August 5th 2016

Peeps - I'm done with law school. Mic drop.

Saturday, June 25th 2016

Making progress, TYJ. Part of my issue with trying to lose weight is that I often feel like my body responds erratically at best to reduced calories - so, more often than not I end up feeling helpless and frustrated and deprived and a failure. I suspect - especially the last year or so - my hormones are always on some sort of rollercoaster so it makes figuring what my body responds to difficult. One thing that has worked for me several times is to do a 3-day fruit/veggie smoothie "cleanse....

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Friday, June 17th 2016

This is awful. I've gained over 10 lbs since Thanksgiving. That a TON of weight for someone as short as I am. I don't think that there is any one smoking gun. Combination of a horrible school schedule during the spring, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, a few too many beers, hormones, restlessness at work, maybe a little depression / anxiety. Ugh. I need and want to turn it around beginning today.

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