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Thursday, August 22nd 2013

Alright, peeps - my latest eyeliner dream was an impressive invention of the necessary precision-movement. I was not me, but a boy-man in rock band with two other boy-men. Before going onstage, I had to remove three stickers from a small piece of paper and stick them to something else. Each sticker was a triangle, and each triangle was sliced into 10+ individual but uniformly wide (or thin) pieces. Apparently I wasn't good enough at it and couldn't ...erm... get it done, so my body via my dream ...

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Friday, August 16th 2013

Weight is outa control. Must reign it in. Starting today. Exercise is in the right spot, so I need to slowly (without freaking out about it) control my eating. School = more discipline, thankfully.

Thursday, August 8th 2013

Its official - I'll be the Chief Compliance Officer at Universal Hospital Services the day after Labor Day. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. :love: :love: :love:

Friday, August 2nd 2013

The HR person says an offer is coming on Monday! :rock1: :rock1:

Friday, July 19th 2013

Well friends, I'm interviewing with a CEO on Monday for a Chief Compliance Office position. I have had 5 interviews so far with this company. I would be surprised if there isn't an offer, assuming this last interview goes well. Its strange and wonderful and scary. Does anyone remember my late night epiphany several years ago, when I realized this is what I wanted for my career? Well, its closer than its ever been. There are downsides. The drive is even further, the position isn't technically a V...

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