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Tuesday, Apr 28 2009 - Let the good times roll!

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Well, the first two weeks of a dietary change are always the honeymoon. I'm seeing some nice numbers on the scale. I feel good about my exercise. I like watching the numbers mount up as I put calories in and fall slightly with exercise. It's good. It's novel.

But I sometimes chide my son for not fully enjoying hear and now success. I'm happy but I keep thinking about those times when your clinging to your diet and your weight plateaus and how that absolutely stinks.

But for today, I can celebrate---

I ate leftovers for lunch and managed them so that I wasn't having a calorie free for all.
I ate a snack and I am sitting here feeling good.
I'm drinking water well.
My pants are fitting a bit better.
I rode my bike to work today. (It's really not that exciting--just 7 minutes one way--but it's better than no exercise at all.)


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