MOLLYJ's May 2009 CalorieKing Blog

Calorie counting as a way of life

Sunday, May 24th 2009

Right now, I'm counting calories and it's okay. You actually feel less secure eating out because you cannot get that feedback. I ask myself if I am going to count calories "forever". I actually don't know. I don't have to decide _now_. I hope I will. The whole thinkg of logging and weighing is tedious and keeps me tied to the computer but that instant feed-back on calories is pretty hard to mistake. I also can see that I am eating a pretty fat and calorie moderate diet right now...

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Under 180

Wednesday, May 20th 2009

I weighed today at work and I was under 180--178 1/2 to be exact. I'd hate to think how long it has been since I've been at this weight.

I'm past the PMS week hungries and boy am I glad. I bought some 3 musketeers bars that are "fun size" and they are about 63 calories per little bar. So far I am serene to know they are there and I haven't "had" to have one.

Last night was a picnic for DS's forensic squad. I was feeling "weak" as in at risk for over-ea...

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One month in

Saturday, May 16th 2009

I've been doing this for one month. Many diet impulses perish before the one month mark so good for me. I really like to eat and I am beginning to realize how skewed my portions have been. Today we ate lunch at Quiznos and I had a sammie. They are a little small but when I walked out I was full. And I think of the times I have eaten a regular size Quiznos sandwich. It really is amazing.

I'm seeking to answer the question about how best to integrate "regular" foods in the die...

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Mother's day--a definite calorie challenge

Sunday, May 10th 2009

Well, this was not the easiest of days. My DS cooked and he loves to cook and he indulged my chocolate desire opulently with creme brulee made with chocolate. It was fabulous. We also had grilled salmon and a rice noodle stir-fry that was equally calorie opulent and some fresh fruit.

so...I went to the gym since it's raining. Did some elliptical time. Did some treadmill time.

I guess the good news is that in terms of gross calories on neither day did I exceed 1800 calories which...

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Girl gone wild

Saturday, May 9th 2009

Okay, today was not a good day. I ate stupid. I let myself get too hungry. AND, AND once you start to get better at weighing food and estimating portions it gets a lot harder to fool yourself. We ate barbeque tonight. I had a pulled chicken sandwich which we got to go. So I found that it was 5 oz of chicken. I ate 1/2 of the bun only and had a quarter cup of their absolutely to die for beans. But I had not managed my calories well through the day so I just didn't have anything to play w...

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