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Sunday, May 10 2009 - Mother's day--a definite calorie challenge

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Well, this was not the easiest of days. My DS cooked and he loves to cook and he indulged my chocolate desire opulently with creme brulee made with chocolate. It was fabulous. We also had grilled salmon and a rice noodle stir-fry that was equally calorie opulent and some fresh fruit.

so...I went to the gym since it's raining. Did some elliptical time. Did some treadmill time.

I guess the good news is that in terms of gross calories on neither day did I exceed 1800 calories which is what I would eat if I wanted to maintain my 184# form. So I did practice some portion control.

It's a real life thing.

But what if I didn't have time to do the gym? What if I get tired of exercising? (which I will)

Just today, we only have to deal with today.

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