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Monday, Jun 1 2009 - Hanging in there

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Well, I've lost some weight. People are beginning to notice. I'm doing pretty good.

The once thing about calorie counting is that food seems to last forever so we had a clean out the fridge night and ate some stuff that was still good, chucked some other stuff. I went for a bike ride before dinner and the wind is out of the south I think it's about 10 to 20 MPH, the way it felt. So of course, I'm doing good to average 10 miles per hour but it's a good ride. If you are going to bicycle in KS, you've got to deal with the wind.

I'm itchy. I want a treat but I need to come in at 150 calories under my goal calorie consumption which will equalize things out with the great DQ birthday cake choice from Saturday. So I think that means my treat will be water or something flavored. Already had a big cup of diet pepsi, so it will not be pop.

I did the fitness piece from CK and it talked about balance. It is always interesting to me how information can be lying around and you don't see it until you are ready to do something. So I'm going to try to do the basic balance exercises. I do the exercise best standing in a hall way because I have such crummy balance--the walls are more like bumpers!

Well, I'm headed upstairs to clean up the kitchen.

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