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Sunday, Jun 7 2009 - Welcome to Sunday

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Today is a new week. I took CK's recommendation and cut my calories to 1250. For some reason, there's always a bit of anxiety with that.

This is starting to feel like a routine. The weight is not coming off as fast anymore, although I feel stronger and can appreciate an improved level of fitness. My clothes fit better.

I gather I'm going to end up on a 1700 calorie maintenance diet. The forums say 1200 is the bottom. I'm at 1250. Yesterday I ate a Junior hamburger at Wendy's. That's not exactly high drama but I am seeking to find ways that I will live with this diet over the long haul. I also had a measured one ounce of Sun Chips. Not bad. Not a great way to spend 140 calories but not bad.

Eating out is almost stressful and not fun. You never really know what you are getting. Well, I think that used to be part of its' charm! Even though you spend day after day measuring out what you eat, when you get to a restaurant it's hard to gauge--is this 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup of spanish rice? The same with the beans. I wonder if there's lard in these beans. What does an ounce of cheese look like? This doesn't look like an ounce to me but maybe I'm just dreaming or cheating or something. DH and I have created a script for refusing the chips at the local mexican restaurant. It took a bit but we're feeling more comfortable with it.

Picked up DS from Boys' State. He was rude, very rude. The people I work with say that the rudeness is part of the adolescence because it's what lets you let them go. Well maybe. But you wonder if you have raised a self-absorbed person who will treat all around him rudely. I'm sad and angry.

Well, it's the beginning of summer. Let us go forth.

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