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Sunday, Aug 16 2009 - a nice weekend

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Well, it's been a weekend. My son starts school this Wednesday and he goes to a school where they were uniforms. BUT he's a Senior, so I was pretty cheap and didn't pay for any more stuff than necessary. But it was a trip to the city for us. We did some eating at Texas Roadhouse, which is just your typical tasty but way too large of servings. But I think I'm coping with the 1200 calories. And I did a great bike ride. Kansas can have some wind and so it seems like mother nature is turning up for the gusty winds we see with season's change. That bit like a big dog but the fact is I could not have done it this spring and I persevered.

I have a lovely little mountain bike and you cannot get speed out of that thing for the love of pete. So I'm starting to wonder if I "deserve" a new bike. I don't want to race or anything, I'd just like to cover more territory for my efforts. Ah, well, we'll see.

I went to the grocery store and the "new thing" at the grocery store was things like beef tongue and kidneys. Is this a reflection of the state of things in America? We're going back to eating everything except the "squeal", as someone I once knew was fond of saying. I ate heart once. I was on Diet Center and they encouraged heart as a lean cut of beef. It wasn't bad. My DH would FAINT if I bought tongue or kidneys home.

Oh, yes, and I while I was in the city yesterday I shopped. I cannot believe it. I bought something size 12. And it fit. I know I used to be a size 12 but I'd bet it's been years since anything in a size 12 was a good idea.

Still, schools in session. The season change is coming. New challenges ahead. It will be harder to find time to exercise. But I've been doing this and succeeding since April. I will find a way.

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