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Saturday, Oct 17 2009 - On to Maintenance

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I officially hit my goal weight on Tuesday and I am on Maintenance.

I feel like I've done a good job of preparing for maintenance and I am glad to be here. What I've done is read about successful maintainers (will keep doing this), post on Goals & Accountability thread which promotes a "what will I do today to be successful" approach and continue to log and weigh food. CK does not tell you to do this in maintenance. They advise that logging food is simply not a livable long term strategy but one you may need to return to if things don't go well--which they predictably will at some time. But I will log at first to get a good visual on what 1400-1600 calories looks and feels like.

BTW, I guess some would say that it is fatalistic to think things won't always go well but to me it is logical and realistic. There will be times that I need to rein things in. The Zones tool--which I really like the idea of--seems to say that, too.

Anyhow, here I am. Like Liza (paperbacknovel) I think this will be a journey of years not weeks.

I am gratified at how many tools I have learned here. Stress can make it hard to implement even the best of tools. That's for the future. We're thankful today.

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