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Friday, Oct 30 2009 - Getting in to maintenance

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I have been on maintenance for a week now. It presents its' own challenges with "more" calories. My motto through all of this has been sustainability. My weight that I got down to has to be sustainable. My calorie restriction has to be sustainable. My activity level has to be sustainable. I'm exercising a lot--for me historically, it's way over the top. I'm doing Spinning 2-3x/week. I love it. It's an hour long class. Now mentally in order to maintain, my goal is what will I do to stay active today? what will I do to keep my food intake reasonable? However with spinning you get this feast of excess caloires due to intensive activity; the next day being more reasonable.

So here are the questions I'm struggling with? When I've done 1-1 1/2 hours of exercise do I need to do any the next day? Thinking and acting daily helps me sustain my activity, but it's ridiculous. It's not moving me toward sustainability. When you've done all that activity that one day, to be obsessive about doing more the next day is silly. But to let go seems like it could cause of loss of focus.

Seeking _balance_. No answers yet.

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