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Saturday, Nov 14 2009 - Moving forward on Maintenance

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Well, I am still maintaining with the supports of logging, weighing twice a week and posting in the forums. I know the "next step" is to try it without logging, while maintaining all other supports along with the Goals & Accountability thread. I added one hundred more calories to my goal because my weight is still falling. But I think my ultra-dedication to exercise is moderating and things should fall into some sort of steady state pretty soon. With the challenge ahead of the holidays. Otta be interesting.

At one time, it was unthinkable to give up logging. But CK says it's not a practical thing to maintain and I think that is true. I would expect that at times I will have to return to logging when my weight inches up. Here's the fear. It took so much time and courage to go on to CK and start logging and weight loss. I know that returning to that discipline once dropped would not be easy. I know the fear is I don't want to see it undone. But I am starting to think about giving up logging. I'm just going to live it forward. Through the process, logging and posting and weighing, time tends to answer questions.

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