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Tuesday, Jan 12 2010 - After being on maintenance for a while....

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Re: maintenance, wish I could say that I was a tower of knowledge. Wow! I haven't blogged since November, which is when I went onto maintenance. I did pretty well up to Christmas but my eating has been out of control since Christmas. Out of control is probably too strong a phrase. It has not been as controlled as I want it to be. I would put things in my mouth--almonds, pretzels etc. I was inching up on my weight and though I was still in the green zone I decided that I would log again. I thought I might feel really defeated and unsuccessful about logging again. It is a discipline, though, and one that takes some time and thought. But logging has made me feel more centered, more thoughtful about what I choose to eat. It feels fine. I know the rules to this game and I often felt way "out there" with not logging.

On maintenance the hard things for me was food from mid-afternoon on....oh, JUST that, just half the day? Well, yes. I sometimes couldn't figure out if I had a snack after work because I was hungry or if I just wanted it. Then I got out of some exercise routines. This is the "last" Christmas break before DS graduates from HS. My exercise would have taken me away from spending some time with him, so I chose something else. Being back to work made things a little better, but not enough. I was still too snacky and didn't have good limits on what I would have. I would be measured with what I ate for breakfast and lunch, still often measuring it, but not that controlled for supper.

Well, I knew it would be the hard part. I'm going to spend some time logging and thinking how I want to do things differently. It's a good thing.

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