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Thursday, Oct 14 2010 - The middle of October

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Well, about this time last year, I was close to goal but not there and it took a while to get down. I think my official "anniversary" is in late November. But I've been maintaining. Sometimes maintaining is effortless and some times it is not. Sometimes it is easy to weight twice weekly; sometimes I avoid it.

Just recently, I was in my yellow zone and staying there more than I wanted to. So this week I returned to logging. I wrote that it shows you the problems like a well lit mirror. I just was slacking and eating more junk. That simple.

I don't know that I would have ever thought this would be true but I think I can do this--exercise, weigh twice weekly, eat smart, return to logging if I need to, turn to CK and the forum for support--for the long run. For the long run.

How did I find this out?

Living it forward. screwing up. Improving, monitoring. Doing it wrong. Making it right. Coming to the forums. Reading what's going on with others. Seeing the others who were here and are here. Seeing some leave and maybe come back.

It is amazing to know that I could do this.

I thought I would just be fat. Fluffy, cuddly. whatever. Still fat.

But bit by bit. choice by choice. I am where I am at. Today I can celebrate that.

Thanks to everyone here at CK that has been part of that journey. You helped so much. And here I am.

Still on the path.

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7 years ago

:clap: Well said, well learned, well practiced, and so well lived. Great Job! :kiss: