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Thursday, Jan 2 2014 - I'm baaaccck!

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Like so many, I am back here again.

I was feeling bummed because I could tell I was putting on weight--I can see it on my torso. Just could not adhere to structures that had helped me get this far. Got overwhelmed with too many volunteer projects. Quit exercising in late November and just kind of focused on getting through Christmas. Because I really didn't feel too in to Christmas.

But my body was whining and moaning about missing exercise. And it helps so many things when you exercise--your body, your head, your stress. So I knew it was TIME.

But logging is a discipline and you have to get your head around it. But really, I just hate knowing what the calorie count is on this food or that. I'd rather not know. Then I can pretend it's not a problem.

Here's the cool part. I was never one to measure the body stats but I did it a few times. And even though I know I've put on inches, I am far from having totally back slid. (You know how the self-talk can be. I was sure I had totally s****ed up.) But I hadn't. And so it's much more like I am getting back on track rather than starting over.

So I actually have two goals that I can look to over the shorter term--I'm going to try to track inches a little more closely. But the "next" goal is getting that BMI under 25, which is where it tips into overweight for me.

Over the last 3-6 months I've developed knee pain. And that was while swimming which really isn't too hard on the knees. Well resting did not make the pain go away; if anything it's improved with getting back to exercise. But I am 57 and it's weird to think that my body may be getting to the point where Iwon't have pain free joints. (Most of the time exercise may leave me with mild soreness but it's something I see as a sign that I had a good vigorous workout.) I also think that a humongous snow we had before Christmas that required lots of shoveling was a wake up call. In my inactivity, I didn't tolerate it as well as did when I was routinely exercising.

I always tell my son that he's an experiential learner. well maybe the truth is that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. So I had to learn that no exercise and dietary "abandon" wasn't all that good and I wouldn't like the way I felt. (Again.)

I'm back and CK worked for me and I know that if I work the program, it will work for me again.

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4 years ago

Are you reading my mind??? Same thing here. I got the flu shortly before Christmas and exercise and watching the kinds of foods I was eating went out the window. We know what works. I'll be interested to learn more through your blog.




4 years ago

Welcome back. It seems like you are in a good space. Yes remember if you haven't experience bad, then you don't know what good feels like.

For the knee pain. It could be a tight IT band. Have you ever seen a sports focused Chiropractor? I had soreness in me knee and he did ART and gave me some exercises to do on a daily basis and knee pain is gone. Stretching after a workout is very important too!