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Sunday, Jan 27 2013 - lazy

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I admit it. I was lazy this weekend. In my defense I was also shin splints were killing me yesterday. I didn't workout Friday or yesterday.

I have a huge spinning commission to finish and I stayed up until 6am Saturday morning trying to finish it. Yesterday I was shopping all day with the DH and last night I was working on my Etsy shoppe which I FINALLY got up and running.

I'm spinning with my girlies today, actually I'm sick to death of spinning so I'm working on the blending board and making some rolags to put up for sale.

I need to take pictures of some products so I can put them up on Etsy.....

Weighing in tomorrow on PAW challenge, not really dreading it but I didn't work out this weekend at all, so I know I'm not at the best I could be..

My legs were REALLY hurting yesterday with the shin splints or muscle aches or whatever, today I'm a lot better which probably tells me I needed to rest. I will go to the gym tonight after I get back though, three days a way makes me lazy.

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