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Monday, Feb 25 2013 - Ugh.

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I admit it, I'm not too proud. I was a big, fat cheater the two weeks I was sick. Apple scones, a Little Debbie (there were two in a package but only one package so it still only counts as one) Pizza. OMG. Lots. Of. Pizza.

Trust me, I'm paying for it....I was lucky not to gain but damn....first night back at the gym was :cry3::beatup::nono2:
It was the first night in two weeks and the junk food binge kicked my ass.

I'm exhausted, I can't believe how two weeks makes such a difference. It was a very hard workout, but i'm glad I did it and i'm glad I didn't quit.

I get to do it all over again tomorrow night. Yay! :rolling1:

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