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Monday, Mar 18 2013 - busy day

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The DH is away until Friday. Boo! I spent the day running all over looking for bras and yoga last stop was wal-mart and I found what I wanted there....I hate buying clothes at wal-mart.....not because I think I'm too good for wal-mart, but just because it's wal-mart......

I've lost the first 1/4 part of my weight goal (-30 and only 90 more to go) and i'm 3 pounds away from meeting my silver weight goal.....Down to 223.0 YAY! SQWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm peace with myself right now.

Oh yeah, I dug out my Wii Fit and gonna get it started up so I can build up some muscle strength and balance, work on this yucky belly fat and loose some more weight. I did that last time and I really liked it because it was motivating and pretty fun.

I gotta get my bike to the bike shop. I keep forgetting.

I bought Lavash Bread's actually very good and I made this AMAZING green goddess salad dressing that's just SO freaking's so fresh and bright......reminds me of a spa treatment.

I miss my DH. He went to New Mexico to spend some time at a monastery with some very neat monks. Yes. He's coming back. No. I haven't driven him into celibacy. He's kind of an honorary member and he and his business partners go there to get all holy and stuff once or twice a year. The only reason I let him go is because they raise these amazing sheep and I might can get free wool to spin on my spinning wheel and then weave on my loom to make rugs for my house. :$

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