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Tuesday, Mar 26 2013 - An expert

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I went to the gym Sunday night and evidently over extended my self because yesterday I was so crazy tired I slept half the day away. I was so cranky, tired and agitated I locked myself in my studio and played a Wii game all night...because of course, I couldn't sleep. Today was a much better day. I got in a workout and I felt much better today than I did yesterday.

I had an altercation with someone on a different web sight about my weight loss/exercise regimen. She's "an expert" in the field and made me totally feel like all my effort has been wasted because I'm "only going to gain back all my weight". She thinks I've lost weight way too goals are unrealistic and I'm setting myself up for failure. I really don't know what to think about that..... :beatup:

I really, really have to clean house.

I really, really don't want to. At. All.


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5 years ago

I know right? I do a 1200 calorie count for the day. I'm just not hungry for more......if I am I eat more....I do burn a lot of calories at the gym...almost the same amount as I take in, but I don't want to eat more because I'm not hungry. Her whole attitude was just.......condescending. I felt like I was stupid.

by MOMO9



5 years ago

Why would she think you are setting yourself up for failure?!
In my opinion Calorie King is an awesome tool that teaches life long healthy habits like portion control, being aware of what you are eating, balancing your nutrition, and exercising. I don't see how doing these things would set anyone up for failure.