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Tuesday, Apr 9 2013 - Eek.

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No scale change for the week......actually, that's a lie...up one pound. 224.8

That's 'cause I worked out only twice last week and the went on the road trip with my DH.....ate like a starving lunatic and went bat :@ crazy with with my calories.

We had a good time though......:rock1: :devious: :devil7:

Went to the gym last night and had an amazing was awesome...I love it. 45 min tred, 45 min ellip...and 30 min weight machines. My fat-back is sloooooowwwwly melting away. My ass is getting smaller. The DH says it feels like he's cheating on me. :kiss: I'm so happy.

Still in fat sizes though....

Oh well, it will take as long as it takes......I don't have anywhere else to be except patient.

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5 years ago

1 day at a time. :kiss: You are getting there - 31 pounds down already, I can't even imagine!!