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Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 - Ass beat tired

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I worked so hard at the gym last night. After I counted up all my exercise time and everything I did, it was like 1200 calories that I burned. Today, I feel like someone ran me over with a truck. I am so freaking tired it's not even funny. I got gifted my Mother Nature this week too so I KNOW that doesn't help.

Drinking lots and lots of water today and no gym. I have a weaving class tonight. But I'll be back at it Wednesday night. Skipping Thursday night, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are gym days too. I got to get the last of the 200's gone and out of the way. One day I'd like to be out of silver level. I've been slacking and cheating....I'm getting nowhere.

Omagosh, I'm so freaking tired and cranky it's not even funny.

I really really hate the belly fat that's hanging around. It needs to go.

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5 years ago

i think your doing everything right... i don;t usually advise this
most things that mess up up (in my opinion) is sugar......
sugar can make me gain 3 pounds in a night....and make my bones hurt.. we are a all different but at the same time i'd thought i'd give you my .2............good luck