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Tuesday, Sep 27 2011 - A Charmed Life

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Many of you would look at me and swear I lead a charmed life. I will be the first to admit in many ways, I do. But it's all about perspective and mine is skewed right now. Especially in the area of weight loss.

In May of this year, my husband of many years decided to take a job in Vienna, Austria. This job took us, or rather me, away from everything I know, away from my support system and the people who love and care for me. I had a safe little cocoon where I could safely lose weight, write my stories and love my friends, kids or grandchildren every day.

Now my days are spent in a city where I rarely go out because of two reasons. The first is that I don't speak the language. It's hard to learn a new language when you're older. Not impossible but hard. To get myself out more, I signed up for a language class at the UN where my husband works. The instructor has been ill and it will start on Thursday. But until I learn some of the basics I will struggle with something I took for granted at home. Basic communication skills are a must anywhere one goes.

The second is harder to take. I swear there are no overweight people here and I am more self-conscious than I've ever been. At home in Nevada, or anywhere in the States, you have a mix of people and even if you're overweight, you aren't feeling like you standout like a sore thumb. Here, you have no choice because all the women are thin and healthy plus they are all wearing heels no matter what their age or what their outfit.

Now, my husband says I'm crazy and that he runs into overweight people all the time. But in all honesty when we go out together, we might see one in five hundred people and most of those are Americans. I am now acutely aware of how I look and how I am perceived. Hence, the return to CK where I can throw myself into the program with gusto. No, I don't expect the weight to miraculously to come off. It will be something I have to work at and hard.

It will be a journey that I can now take, at least cybernetically, with the group of like minded people as it will be you all who help me through it. Yes, my friends and family will support me from afar as well but this group will be my sounding board when they don't understand.

Along with this charmed life, we have two households and the extra expense of maintaining both financially and figuratively. Our children have our house in Nevada and the oldest is just returning to work after almost a year absence. We had to help support him and his family as well as our younger son who is in college. So this charming life has days where the power bill is outrageous, where the medical for the youngest is in question as it's European based and the air conditioner there is on the fritz for the millionth time this summer. There are days where I feel as if I'm bleeding money instead of sweating sweat.

In Vienna, I am lucky enough to have a great apartment which has air conditioning but my fridge is only large enough to hold a couple of meals at best. Here we only have one shelf that can even hold snack foods so at least it isn't a temptation any more. We get to go to the Naschmarket every weekend for the fresh veggies and other foods we love. We get to travel and enjoy each other's company like we haven't in years.

Best of all, we got to run away from home and do the travelling we couldn't while there. And there is nothing to hold us back.


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