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Sunday, Jan 1 2012 - Starting A New Year

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Hi all!

Just wanted to put my two cents down here as it is a new year and new resolutions are to be made. I am just happy that I truly found this place even though I had been a member for over two years. 2011 was the year I started to concentrate on me, even though I had a lot of ups and downs.

This year will be even greater!

Some new resolutions:

1) Blog here at least once a week. Include a monthly picture of myself.
2) Blog at http://journeyfromfat2fit.blogspot.com/ everyday.
3) Start some weight/resistence training.
4) Log above mentioned training with the sculpt group here.
5) Log all my food online.
6) Log my thoughts and feelings in my new Prevention Day Calendar. From it and what I learn here, do the blogs.
7) Try something new every month. This can be anything from a new exercise to a new food.
8) Do your 10,000 steps everyday and log them. Walking is the most important activity you'll do. Make sure you embrace it.
9) Be mindful and don't have an 'all or nothing' attitude.
10) Take care of you first. Sorry if it sounds selfish but you can't take of anything else unless you are healthy and strong first.

I'll be checking in weekly to see how you all are doing and to give you my progress.

Here's to a wonderful 2012 for each and everyone of us on this weight loss journey!


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