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Monday, Feb 13 2012 - Week #2 - Chapter-By-Chapter The Lean Belly Prescription

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We’re in week two of our chapter-by-chapter review of The Lean Belly Prescription. To recap about the book: The Lean Belly Prescription by Travis Stork, M.D., the young doctor from the TV show The Doctors, and Peter Moore, editor of Men's Health.

Chapter 1 is called All Your Weight Worries - Solved and it’s here he starts getting to some of the meat of the program. The Laws of Leanness this time has a saying that is already one of my favorites: Going on a diet is another way of saying “going to fail.” And in this chapter he shows us how to start preventing this negative outcome.

The major points of this chapter are:
Find Your Weight-Loss Spark – And Burn Away Flab Forever!
Five Worries Concerning A Weight Loss Plan
I Just Can’t Live Without My Favorite Foods
I’ve Failed At Diets Before. What Makes This One Different?
I Hate Running And Going To The Gym. Can I Still Lose Weight?
I’m Worried Six Months From Not I Will Start Regaining The Weight
I Just Don’t Know If I Have The Willpower
Make Room For Nature’s Perfect Foods
10 Second Slimdown

Altogether, these short topics go over most every worry a person might have in regards to losing weight. Dr. Travis goes over lots of research and why people need to get healthy, almost to the point of being a broken record. But it is something that people really, really need to hear. We are not going to get healthier unless we put in the time to learn , understand and commit to memory all the reasons why this is a good thing. We need to make a lifestyle change, not just a diet change and while it might seem like a lecture, it is necessary to get the information into our brains so it stays there once and for all.

The last section of this chapter is untitled but goes over things like if you’re a slave to cravings, if you eat when you’re stressed, if hunger visits you again and again, plus a few other tidbits that I found right on target and needed more information on. There are times, I crave things and don’t know why and there are times where I’m a grazer. This section helped me to understand a few ways to move past those issues.

In 10 Second Slimdown, there are ten separate points touched upon. My favorites were: 1)Recover from TV – It says that for every hour watching your favorite shows, it needs to be counterbalanced by at least 15 minutes of physical activity. I personally can vouch for that as the moment I became more of a couch potato, I gained 30 pounds. The more TV I watched, the less I did. Here in Vienna, I am required to do a lot of walking as we don’t have a car. I also do a lot more of the housecleaning than before because my husband, who loves doing all of it, works longer hours and can’t do it as much. I also watch very little TV because I have to pay for a subscription service to be able to watch my shows via Amazon and pay for them on top of that. It’s amazing just how few I watch any more; 2) Provide a soundtrack – One university study found that women are more likely to stick with an exercise plan if they can do it to music. How true, how true. When I walk Harry, I usually have my iPod with me and playing my favorite tunes in one ear. I keep one open so I can hear the traffic and other city sounds for safety reasons. But I can really tell the difference when I do listen as tend to walk to the beat of the music and I really miss it when I don’t have it.

Again, I would totally recommend this book to anyone as it is practical advice on how to live a healthy life the way you want to live it.

Book: The Lean Belly Prescription
Authors: Travis Stork, M.D.; Peter Moore
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 978-1-60961-023-4
Cost: $24.99 (I’m sure it’s already discounted somewhere...like Amazon.)

I’ll be back in next week with my next update for this fascinating book. If you don't have the book, go out and get a copy, order it from somewhere, just start reading it as I don't think you'll be sorry.


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