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Sunday, Aug 3 2014 - Accurate Portion Sizing

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I made a pork roast in the crock pot overnight and it has spent the whole day getting yummy. I was in a quandary as to how I would determine the calories - PROBLEM SOLVED. I had to get some groceries so, while I was out, I purchased a food scale to take the guesswork out of determining portion sizes. Only $20 at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's a bit like having a referee looking over my shoulder and blowing the whistle when I say, "That's about 4 ounces of meat." This thing is cool. I can put a bowl on it, set the tare weight then weight whatever I add and reset the tare weight before adding the next item, etc. This way I get a good weight on each component before it is cooked. After it is cooked, I can weigh the whole thing and figure out the ratios of the various components so I know the calorie content of each serving. After all, I didn't spend all those years studying chemistry for nothing!! :teeth1: Shoot, I could even create an Excel spreadsheet to do the calculations for me. However, the last thing I need is to add another obsession to the list.

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3 years ago

That's do funny because I did the same thing, my scale is a simple round, digital Salter scale I bought at BB&B 10 yrs ago for under $40 and I too thought about (and still do) making an excel spreadsheet.




3 years ago

I love my food scale - I have had the same one since 2001. I once thought I killed it for good - was giving it a good cleaning and got it a bit too wet. I was heart broken eventhough a new one is not that expensive. It dried out and came back to life!