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Sunday, Oct 23 2005

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Weight=155#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ran low on cals the last two days!!!! Too much loss!!! EAT!
BP @ 7:15AM=138/70 & P=53 BPM.

60 mins driving steel fence posts (sub for 60 mins walking)
30 mins walking with Ebby and Ren on morning walk. Tot steps=2,278.

Building new fence through woods in walk area. No rain, dry, Ground hard as a rock, trying to drive fence posts!! About to KILL this old man. Perhaps that is why I've lost weight the last two days. ???

Need a smile this morning? Perhaps this will do it.

My neighbor, a primary school teacher, asked one of her pupils,
an adopted child, how he felt about his mother's pregnancy.

"Wonderful," the student replied, "and this is her first baby
from scratch!"

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