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Tuesday, Nov 29 2005

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Weight=155.5#........BP @ 8:30 AM=128/70 & P=58 BPM.................................

30 mins working upper body/Bow Flex/Power workout.
30 mins walking with Ebby & Ren on morning woods walk. Beautiful 55 degrees.
60 mins tot.

Made shipping crate today for scroll saw. Ship Thurs for repair. Tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Checkup

Thought I'd let my doctor check me,
'Cause I didn't feel quite right. . .
All those aches and pains annoyed me
And I couldn't sleep at night.

He could find no real disorder
But he wouldn't let it rest.
What with Medicare and Blue Cross,
We would do a couple tests.

To the hospital he sent me
Though I didn't feel that bad.
He arranged for them to give me
Every test that could be had.

I was fluoroscoped and cystoscoped,
My aging frame displayed.
Stripped, on an ice cold table,
While my gizzards were x-rayed.

I was checked for worms and parasites,
For fungus and creeping crud,
While they pierced me with long needles
Taking samples of my blood.

Doctors came to check me over,
Probed and pushed and poked around,
And to make sure I was living
They wired me up for sound.

They have finally concluded,
Their results have filled a page.
What I have will someday kill me;
My affliction is OLD AGE.

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