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Monday, Mar 26 2007 - Another beautiful day dawning here in n Georgia

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This pretty weather is playing havoc with my exercise program. Just do not have the energy to do the outside work I am attempting to do and stay with my exercise. If I do one then I cannot do the other. Whoever came up with the "golden years crap" needs to have his head examined big time.

This old dell I am using has about played out its game. Ordered a new one last night. Should receive it in about a week and a half. Hope this one will stay together until then but doubtful as it takes forever to open anything. So, if I dissapear for a time, you will know I cannot get on.


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a decade ago

I'm pretty sure that your "outside work" *is* exercise, Jim. Enjoy! :heart1: That's your heartbeat lovin' what you're doing. :)




a decade ago

"Whoever came up with the "golden years crap" needs to have his head examined big time." Laugh5: So true Jim! Just try to relax and enjoy those Golden years of yours! :kiss:

by MA


a decade ago

Too bad youth is wasted on the young, huh?! Enjoy the weather. It's still not feeling like spring here today - cold and rainy. Tomorrow is supposed to go into the 70's. Good luck with your old and new computer. I'm getting ready to get a new one myself.--I have an Apple. Mine is not slow but it's six years old and I can't download the latest software. I can't go on Safari at all to log my food on CK- the program quits. Same thing with Explorer. I had to download Firefox.

by BUN201



a decade ago

Jim, would coming over here and helping me rake leaves help with extra exercise for you? hummmm I believe it would.;)
I spent about 8 hours doing yard work yesterday, could not go to sleep until after 5:30 this morning as a result of being so tired. Probably due to the "golden years", don't you think?
Hope you have a great day :kiss;




a decade ago

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and don't sweat the exercise. :y: Congrats on the new dell! :)