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Wednesday, May 30 2007 - Gonna start building an ark!

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Well, gotta try and make it rain! Gonna start building an ark after I wash my truck, begin painting the yard chairs, spray the fruit trees and hang the clothes out to dry! Seriously, we've had no rain to speak of all spring and early summer. Water is now being hauled in to our local water supply and every city close to me has asked folks to please conserve the water. My "fishing hole" in the front pasture is down about 16 inches. Looks to be a terribly hot, dry summer in our area. :(

Anyway, the day is a beautiful one so I'll not complain too much. Know it'l rain someday. (I hope)

Photo is of wild honeysuckle against an old log lying in the back pasture.

have a great day anyone reading this mess.

We'll never run out of math teachers because they always multiply. :devious:

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a decade ago

Hope you get some rain soon. I would agree that those are all the things you do to make it rain! :) I love the picture. Hope you enjoyed your day! :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

I can just smell the wild favorite! Thanks for that! :heart2: The weather in Western PA is hot. Today is 86`. We have been way above normal for 1/2 of May. Those wonderful Spring days in the 70's didn't happen. But, I'm still hoping for a few in June. I am a forever optimist!




a decade ago

:wave1: Well rain has been very scarce here in the Hot Central Valley of California...The lakes and rivers are very very low...snow pack was very dry..We are going to have a very bad fire season which has already started...I love your picture today..but then again I love all the pictures you post...Have a great day...:)




a decade ago

:hi: Hi there Jim! I can almost totally relate to your lack of rain where you live because here, in Northern CA, we have probably only had between 7 to 10 days of serious rain this year (or at least that it is what it has seemed like compared to usual years). However, pastures are still green and full here anyway and the cows and grapes are happy :) BTW, the above picture is just glorious; and the lighting is of the things childhood dreams are made of (it looks like it was taken in the late afternoon?)! You must know that every morning, I roll out of bed, put on the coffee, and come here to see what Beauty you are sharing with all of us today :) I get a lift everytime I come here and see a little through your vision! Smiles to you today! Luv ya, Kristen :heart1: (we'll see if I finally could recall how to make a heart!)



a decade ago

Sorry about the lack of rain in your area. It has rained here every day now for about two weeks, very unusual....but I love it! (since rain is my favorite weather,)
The pic of the old log in todays blog is my favorite, very beautiful. thanks for posting it.
Have a fantastic day, Jim. :kiss:




a decade ago

I'll send you some of our rain! :( It's really coming down here today Jim. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead. :)