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Friday, Jun 1 2007 - Yup, it's documented, I do, indeed, have a brain!

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To all of my good friends, I am indeed happy to inform you that the MRI indicated that I do indeed have a brain and that it is functioning normally for someone my age. The MRI showed only some atrophy and mild microangiopathy with no abnormal brain, dural or cranial nerve problems. So! This is good news and I sincerely appreciate and thank you for the posts to my blog yesterday. :kiss:

My heartfelt thanks to you caring folks who were concerned about me. I love you for that. We will now pursue other avenues to find out why the vision is blurred at times. Not to worry, I am sure everyhing will be ok.

Yesterday!!! Ebby and I, last night, went to watch our five year old grandson play T-Ball. From this I drew some interesting observations! Kids today can no longer be just a kid enjoying a good game with their peers. It would seem from what I saw, the games aren't for the kids anymore but are for the parents. A sad situation. Some parents, became angry and took their kids home even prior to the beginning of the game. :nono4: Oh well, what can I say, it's just a changing world and sometimes not for the better.
Nuff on this subject. I just might already be tromping with big feet. ;)

It is now 06:00 AM here in n Georgia and I've been awake since 04:00. So, just got up, made some coffee and decided to vent a little.

Got to to take Ren back to vet again. This time it is because of a lump I've discovered on his side. Have a 09:20 AM appointment. :bang:

I have new arrivals in one of my bluebird houses. Photos are of Missus and Mr Bluebird feeding the youngens (notice the southern slang for kids) :) Enjoy. The bird house is made from a portion of an old hollow tree (with an opening already) and attached to a pasture fence post near the front yard. The lighting wasn't so good yesterday evening when these were taken and we have a lot of haze from the s Georgia fires, therefore the photos aren't as sharp as I would like.

Jim :kiss:

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a decade ago

God is good!!! I'm glad to hear you do have a "normal" brain!!! My prayers were sent up for you! The bluebirds are so great! I have only had them come once to our feeder. It was pure joy! :heart2:




a decade ago

:wave1: I am so relieved that the MRI showed nothing wrong...I know you are also...Love the pictures as usual.....I agree about the kids sports..Not like when mine played so many years ago...In fact they did not even have "T" ball then...I hope you are having a great Friday....:)




a decade ago

Thank God for good brain results. I really never wondered. Now onto the "what's up with that testing" and with all good wishes for an easy solution. You're a precious man, Jim...and you're absolutely right about kids' sports now-a-days. The parents ought to be banned from the proceedings so the kids can learn some GOOD lessons from playing...not whose dad or mom can knock off the block of the next mom or dad or coach. Did I mention that I have an opinion about this topic? :laugh5:




a decade ago

:hi: Dear Jim, We are all relieved that there are no big problems, just maybe something not quite connecting well. And yes, it is always assuring to know that what we are saying is indeed being received by a brain, but honestly, a heart is enough :) I can see what you are talking about in the photos, with the haze making it lose some sharpness, but it kind of adds to the mood of you peaking in on a secret hidden home secluded in the depth of trees (I realize that that wasn't the case, but that was the mood I felt when I first saw them, before I read about the burd houses). We have a lot of fog here, and in the beginning of taking photos, I was beyond frustrated with the lack of dancing light in my photos, but everyone started loving my photos taken in the fog (they were with black and white film). Anyway, so while I can understand the interferrence you are feeling with your camera, one of my best shots ever what taken on a foggy day (it was of a black bull and a white bull locking heads and pushing against each other for territory, while they stared at each other--very metaphorical!). Anyway, here I am rambling again :o Enough out of me for now :) Keep taking good care of yourself and I hope that the growth on your dog is just from his old age (my old dog has one and the Vet told me not to worry about it)! Love, Beauty, and Joy to you on this day, dear Jim! Most sincerely, Kristen :heart1:



a decade ago

Glad your results came back looking good, Jim!




a decade ago

Wow, love the pics of the bluebirds, bad light, smoke and all! I think they look great. I'm glad to hear you have a brain ;) I've seen first hand the shameful behavior of parents trying to "coach" their children. Makes the kids miserable and nobody enjoys the game. Well good luck with tracking down the cause of your blurry vision.




a decade ago

I'm glad that they found a normal functioning brain. Are you sure they said "normal?" :laugh5: I hope that ren is okay too. Have a great day. :love:

by MA


a decade ago

I'm glad the MRI was okay. I know what you mean about the parents and baseball. I used to coach softball when my girls were little. We had a nice league that the girls had fun at, and I really treasure those times. It was nice to see some shy little girls get confidence in themselves as they played. Everyone played, regardless of ability, at least 3 innings. Sorry about the rain situation and the fires - :( Love your pictures... I have a bird bath in my front yard that was here when we moved in that had rocks (???) in it. This spring I dumped them and put water in it and they love it.

by BUN201



a decade ago

Jim: SO relieved to hear that things were normal, well as possible, anyway! :laugh5: I hope that you all can figure out what is causing the blurry vision. Hmm. Makes me wonder what is truly going on but at least you got some big and worrisome possibilities checked off the list.

I am such an anal retentive person/parent that I know I step in the way of my kids being kids sometimes. Harrison won't play sports yet unfortunately and maybe that's a good thing since I may not be ready yet. I think you pointed out a good thing. Made me think anyway. Kids sometimes need to just be their age and enjoy. I guess the same should/could be said for us! :) Make it a great day and AMEN on the brain being in there and ok! :kiss: