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Sunday, Jun 24 2007 - Top of the morning Y'all!!

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I know Y'all get tired of this, BUT, a beautiful day is dawning!!! My wife tells me the birds are singing although I do not hear them. I know they sound beautiful because I've heard them in the past. I see them tho and they are beautiful creatures!

See the bull that seems to have adopted Ebby. Wish someone would claim it. I've advertized it on the local radio and made several phone calls to locals that I know have cattle but so far no one claims it. Ebby and I stopped fooling with cattle years ago and I have no desire to begin again! Even with one!

See the beautiful sunset from yesterday evening. It was an impressive one. Took this shot while watching Ebby and the stray bull that seems to want adoption.

Nothing really to talk about in this neck of the woods this morning so will just say to those beautiful souls reading this mess, "Good morning and I'm wishing you a GRAND DAY!"

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a decade ago

Awww, he's so cute! :) That's a great picture. He doesn't look very big. The picture of the sky is beautiful.

by BUN201



a decade ago

Ebby does look like she has a new friend. YOU might be replaced!!!
The sunset photo was marvelous. You've got me carrying my camera with me more! Birds singing is one thing but, when crows squaking wake me up....errrrrrr! Have a wonderful week! :heart2:




a decade ago

:hi: Jim. Oooo, wonderous sunset!!! It looks like something profound is gathering with the Heavens =D!!! And I LOVE your illustrated Bull Story--it is quite humorous! When I was young and lived on a street with many cattle ranches, I came to know well how cows can end their day's travel in the wrong fields; but for no one to claim him is sooo funny. Young Bulls can become like overgrown dogs, so you may be having a new BIG dog soon :laugh5:!!! Anyway, I hope someone claims him, and when he does get claimed, I am sure he will carry you and Ebby in his big bull heart all the rest of his days :inlove1:!!! Take care Jim, and enjoy your Sunday evening :love:! BTW, have you noticed how well I am doing with keeping updated on my Blog :eyebrows: ?! Love ya dearly, Kristen :kiss:



a decade ago

:wave1: I just re-read what I wrote...It was suppose to say I hope you and Ebby have a very Blessed Sunday....I love the sunset picture it is absolutely breath taking...You and Ebby are in my prayers.




a decade ago

:wave1: That is a fine looking bull that wants to stay at your house...I am surprised nobody has claimed him...Hope you had Ebby have a very Blessed Sunday....and stay out of the heat...:)