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Monday, Jun 25 2007 - Bush hogging pasture today

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Boy! Another hot, dry day so thought i would get a little bush hogging done in the shady areas. Still hot!

Still no results from Ebby's tests. Will post as soon as we get them.

My hanging tomato vine bucket with tomatoes on top also. Really (the pic) is too small to see all of the tomatoeson the lower vine. But it is loaded, like grapes. It is called a "grape tomato". The vine gtows out of the bucket bottom.

Not much to waste time on here today. Good day anyone looking in.

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a decade ago

What a great idea for the tomatoes. Has anyone claimed your bull friend? I'm with Kristen - happy bush hogging - ???? You'll have to educate us, Jim. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

:wave1: I love:love: love:love: love :love: grape easy to throw in a salad or just pop in the mouth...You be careful out in the hot sun..take out plenty of water and drink it even when you do not feel thirsty....Hope you are having a good day...and remember you and Ebby are in my prayers...:)




a decade ago

:hi: Jim~ I love tomato season!!! There are few foods that add more juicy delight to a dish or salad than really good tomatos :tongue8:!!! Thanks for promising to post an update on Ebby because we love her through you :inlove1:!!! Happy bush hogging (whatever that means :huh: )! Take good care Jim and keep staying in the light of joy :love:!!! Love ya, Kristen