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Wednesday, Jun 27 2007 - A beautiful good morning Y'all

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What else can I say! The morning is BEAUTIFUL!!!

yes, another beautiful day here in n Georgia. Had a small shower sometime during the night. Had I known it was happening, I would have gotten up to witness it. Been sooooo long since I've seen falling rain drops I think I would have become a kid again and run out into the dampness to feel the wetness upon my face! yes! Truly!

Again, nothing earth shaking to blog about so will just wish everyone a beautiful and enjoyable day and God bless.

The photo was one taken one foggy morning last fall as the sun was coming up. I thought it pretty. Jim

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a decade ago

Holy Cow Jim!!! That is a breath-taking and wonder-inspiring photo!!!! Oh my!!! When I earn my new fancy camera, I want to go pic hunting with you ;)!!!! I am just struck speechless by the photo--it is crazy beautiful!!!! Okay, I will close my agap mouth and move on **heehee**!. . . . Love to you and good night, Kristen :heart1:



a decade ago

Wow, that's a beautiful picture, Jim. Foggy but yet there's a brilliance behind it. I'm glad you got some rain. We may get some thunderstorms this evening. It's very hot and humid here. Beautiful beach weather!

by BUN201



a decade ago

:wave1: Lovely is not pretty it is beautiful...I also would love to feel the rain on my has been a while...I think we had a trace back in May...nothing since....Know that you and Ebby are in my thoughts and prayers...Hope you get the results back soon...:)