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Thursday, Jun 28 2007 - The butterflies have returned

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The butterflies have returned to Ebby's butterfli bush in full spring/summer color!

Yes, another beautiful day here in n Georgia and I must take Ebby's 1994 mustang with 37 thousand miles to the Ford place to have the drivers electronic seat controls checked again. :( Just paid $599 for this complete assy in Nov of 2006 and it has stopped working. :( :( Oh well, into each life some rain must fall, I just wish it would be real rain for a change.

Hope you enjoy the butterflies. have a great day Y'all. Jim

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a decade ago

:hi: Jim~ We have butterfly bushes planted around here and they are lovely, but I haven't noticed any butterflies on them yet (maybe the bushes are too new to yet be found?). . . . Anyway, the shots are beautiful and totally remind me that I AM alive and it is an ever evolving and beautiful thing :love: :) :love: - thanks for the vivid reminder here today :kiss:!!! Love ya Jim and think the world of you :love:!!! Mosts sincerely, Kristen



a decade ago

:wave1: The butterflies are absolutely breathtaking...Thank you for sharing them....Ebby must drive like I do...I had a car for 20 years and it only had about 70 thousand miles on would not have had that many except my son took it on several trips out of state...I just drive around town...Hope everything is going well with you and Ebby...Have a nice day....stay and Ebby are in my prayers always....:)




a decade ago

They're beautiful. My daughter Cathy has a butterfly bush but she has no blooms yet. You guys are ahead of us! Take a look at the tall ships on my blog that I just posted. [They're not my photos so I'm not bragging. ] It took me a while to download them from our newspaper web site. They're quite spectacular. My oldest daughter is a stray feeder - even homeless, too. She brought food to one of the guys out on the streets you see but she said he didn't want her food. He wanted money!

by BUN201



a decade ago

I hope all is well with Ebby and yourself! Have a lovely day! :heart1:

by MA