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More butterflies

Friday, June 29th 2007

Ok folks, my last blog for awhile. Just getting so I do not have time to do everything I need to do lately. As you've probably noticed, my blogs are getting later and later. Perhaps I will get back into full swing before too long. All of my good buddies take care and keep on keeping on until I return. Love you all. :love:

Ebby's test results only showing a hiatal hernia at this time. If anything else develops I will keep you informed. Thanks for all the prayers.

Enjoy the butterflies. I cer...

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The butterflies have returned

Thursday, June 28th 2007

The butterflies have returned to Ebby's butterfli bush in full spring/summer color!

Yes, another beautiful day here in n Georgia and I must take Ebby's 1994 mustang with 37 thousand miles to the Ford place to have the drivers electronic seat controls checked again. :( Just paid $599 for this complete assy in Nov of 2006 and it has stopped working. :( :( Oh well, into each life some rain must fall, I just wish it would be real rain for a change.

Hope you enjoy the butterflies. have a g...

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A beautiful good morning Y'all

Wednesday, June 27th 2007

What else can I say! The morning is BEAUTIFUL!!!

yes, another beautiful day here in n Georgia. Had a small shower sometime during the night. Had I known it was happening, I would have gotten up to witness it. Been sooooo long since I've seen falling rain drops I think I would have become a kid again and run out into the dampness to feel the wetness upon my face! yes! Truly!

Again, nothing earth shaking to blog about so will just wish everyone a beautiful and enjoyable day and God b...

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Rain continues to evade us. :(

Tuesday, June 26th 2007

Still very hot and dry. Some rain (a small amount) in some of the areas around us but too little, too late to help.

Nothing earth shattering to blog about today so nuff said I guess.

A very good day to one and all.

Photo is of a very late evening sunset that I call "DAYS END" A lot of detail is lost here when made smaller. :(

Bush hogging pasture today

Monday, June 25th 2007

Boy! Another hot, dry day so thought i would get a little bush hogging done in the shady areas. Still hot!

Still no results from Ebby's tests. Will post as soon as we get them.

My hanging tomato vine bucket with tomatoes on top also. Really (the pic) is too small to see all of the tomatoeson the lower vine. But it is loaded, like grapes. It is called a "grape tomato". The vine gtows out of the bucket bottom.

Not much to waste time on here today. Good day anyone looking i...

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