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Monday morning! Rise and shine Y'all. it's 4:35 AM!

Monday, June 18th 2007

Morning anyone up and about and (or) reading these early morning thoughts (?). Ebby up sick again this morning at 04 hundred hours. Very stubborn woman, will not see a doctor about these morning sickness problems of about three or four nights a week. :( So tell me, are all women stubborn? :devious:

Well, a busy day ahead any way so an early start will just help keep things easier to accomplish (I sincerely hope).

Have planned our morning walk, workout, trip to dentist and then some time at one ...

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Ok, so very late in the day!

Sunday, June 17th 2007

Ok, I guess better late than never as the old saying goes. A busy day here. Ebby and I walked our one mile path before church this morning while the air was clean and fresh. Then, cleaned the shop while Ebby went to church and then we went to Steak & shake for milk shakes, fries and a hamburger. Ate out in the sunshine on the edge of a small park behind the restaurant. Then home to read awhile while relaxing and then three miles on the ole treadmill at an average of eight degrees incline fo...

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Good morning everyone.

Saturday, June 16th 2007

Another beautiful Sat morning. Eby, Ren and I are getting ready for our morning walk.

all ok here, breathing and kicking. :)

Photos of more wild roses (after) and "woods scenery".

Well, 03:45 hundred hrs again and "UP"!

Friday, June 15th 2007

Seems as I get deeper into the Golden Years (God bless them) it becomes much harder to sleep through the entire night. So! :( here I am working on the computer (working?) and drinking a good cup of hot coffee.

I did not blog yesterday and guess what? We got an afternoon shower!!!!! First in months!!!
I wonder! Is this revelant?? Is someone trying to tell me something?? Oh well, here I am back again. :)
At any rate, just could not get in the groove yesterday and even failed to do my wei...

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Can blog again! At last someone at CK woke up!!

Wednesday, June 13th 2007

Hey!! Nice to be able to blog again!! Miss you folks smiling faces. :)

No news with the weather yet. Still dry and no rain! :(

The professor discovered that her theory of earthquakes was on shaky ground.

Yup, photo is just a log! But if you could view full size photo it would be interesting. I guess that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder as it really is pretty (to me) in real life. The colors are beautiful.


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