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Friday, Jul 6 2007 - This n Ga heat reminds me of "Tobacco Road"!

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Yup, so hot I am reminded of the novel "Tobacco Road" by I believe it was Erskin Caldwell about conditions in the poor, hot south during the 30's. a book that was banned by churches and caused quite a number of people to be turned out for reading it. Oh my! Just look at what we VIEW now on national TV and what we see as we go to Wallyworld. :( (and what president Clinton introduced to our kinder- garden kids during his presidency way before their time to learn of such things.) Oh Oh! Now I realize I've gone from blogging to meddeling! :(

62 min / TM /4.12 mi / 692 cal / 59 mins for first four mi / avg incline 7 degrees / max HB 122 BPM

Wild turkeys in front yard.

Ebby feeling poorly again. Sick all day yesterday and last night. Some better this morn.

What makes me happy?

Every morning when I wake up
I stretch out my arms.
If I don't hit wood I know
I'm still alive! :) :) :)

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a decade ago





a decade ago

Sorry Ebby is not feeling well. Hope she's better soon. I remember movies that were X rated that no one would bat an eye at today. Things are definitely changing. Have a good evening, Jim.

by BUN201



a decade ago

Oooooo, you are sounding more like yourself today Jim :love: :thumbu2: :love:!!! BTW, I am feeling much better about who I am in relation to my family since I last wrote. You are right, if we awake above ground, then the world/day is our basket of oppourtunities to enjoy in abundance :inlove1:!!! . . . We have TONS of wild turkeys around here, too! They are ugly yet captivating :bigeyes3:! Enjoy your night Jim :love:; I am off to a Wedding Rehersal and Dinner of Mexican Food (Oh no!). . . . Love ya always, Kristen :kiss:



a decade ago

:wave1: Hot here also....110 yesterday more of the same today..already 85 at 7:45am PDT..So sorry Ebby is not feeling up to par today....She is in my thoughts...Have a good day and stay in and stay cool....:)