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Wednesday, Jul 18 2007 - Hi Ya'll, yup still on CK

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Top of the morning to Ya'll. Haven't been blogging much because of lack of time but just wanted to say "I'm still around"!

Finally, we've been getting a little rain. Now Ebby and I have grass in the yard to cut and pastures to keep trimmed. Nice to see things greening up again.

A photo of some mushrooms I found this morning growing out of an old wood chip pile. Thought it interesting.

A photo of my "tomato garden in the pool area. Have been getting some great early tomatoes off these for some weeks now. Delicious!

Ebby and I are still kicking. she is much better and I am to visit an eye specialist in Nashville to discuss my vision problems. All in all we are doing well for a couple of oldsters.

Ya'll Have a nice day now, you heah! Jim

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a decade ago

There is nothing better then home grown produce. SIGH I did not get a garden in this year....first time in 25 years and I really miss it. Enjoy the rain. Your pictures are always a joy to look at. Have a great weekend Jim. :love:




a decade ago

:hi: Oh Jim, how I have missed you here :love:!!! Aren't mushroom quirky little things to discover as you walk and gaze?! I think that mushrooms inspire Faery Tales! Speaking of Fairy Tales, what a wonder-full little nook of comfortable dreams you have carved out on your farm :inlove1:!!! Just all around lovely and full of magical possiblities :). . . . Anyway, there is a certain joy-full wonder that you being you inspires in me here and it is grand to be smiling that wonder-filled smile again =D!!! Love ya TONS, :heart2: Kris :heart2:



a decade ago

Love the pool area! Man you two have some place around there. Do y'all have children?




a decade ago

Glad to see your still around Jim:) You do add a bit of character to this place.

I see you share the same viewpoint as I do...any day "above ground" is a great one:)

Jan a.k.a. Ladibluej




a decade ago

:wave1: Nice to see you back...Your pool area is beautiful...I know you are really enjoying those tomatoes...Rain is a good I am very glad that you are getting it...Have a good evening...Know that you and Ebby are in my prayers...:)




a decade ago

I've missed your photos! :) Nothing better than fresh tomatoes. I'm glad you're getting rain. We're having rain today, and tomorrow, much to Joshua's dismay! Have a great day, and don't work too hard!

by BUN201